Help us save our nuclear power plant fleet.  We could lose 15 plants in the next five years and 50 plants in the next 15 years.  If this happens you can forget about mitigating global warming and climate change from an American perspective.  We love wind and solar but there is no way they can replace the massive amount of baseload electricity produced by these emission free electricity assets. 

Save Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

A ballot initiative will amend Arizona's constitution to require 50% renewables by 2030.  Because nuclear power is not included as a renewable, the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station will close, according to the plant owner.  (More

Help us keep Palo Verde open.  It is the largest nuclear power plant in the United States of America.  Moreover, closure of the plant will represent an environmental injustice.

Passage of the renewables ballot initiative might look like a good thing on its face, but the closure of Palo Verde makes it a bad thing because the plant's massive baseload output cannot be replaced by renewables.  Vote NO on this initiative.

Passage of the constitutional amendment will create a Constitutional Crisis.  It will pit responsible agency against responsible agency.  It will undermine the state's ability to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

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Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station