San Onofre Settlement Agreement Talks Collapse


Southern California Ed (SCE) has notified the California Public Utilities Commission that the parties in the San Onofre nuclear plant closure settlement were unable to reach agreement on possible changes to the settlement unanimously approved by the CPUC in 2014.

SCE urged the commission to affirm the existing settlement of issues related to the premature retirement of San Onofre in 2013 and bring closure to this protracted proceeding.

SCE’s filing was in response to an order last December by a commissioner and commission administrative law judge that the settlement parties and other parties to the San Onofre proceeding meet and consider changes to the agreement.

The parties met three times directly and then four times with a mediator, and additionally talked by phone multiple times, but were unable to agree on changes to the settlement that allocated San Onofre closure costs between utility investors and customers.  (Electric Light and Power, 8/16/2017)