Exelon Plans To Close Three Mile Island in 2019

Three Mile Island employs 675 people, supplies power to 800,000 homes, and pays more than $1 million in state income taxes. In a press release announcing the Three Mile Island closure, Exelon suggested amending the state's portfolio standard, or creating a separate credit program for energy sources with no greenhouse gas emissions in order to keep the plant open.

Other power generators that would benefit if the reactors shut down, however, have challenged NY and Illinois' nuclear payments in federal court, arguing the rules unfairly subsidize one fuel source in a federally administered competitive market and will boost ratepayer costs.

A coalition of free market groups against government intervention in the economy and many environmental groups opposed the measure on grounds that it would be effectively a subsidy and would takes resources away from wind and solar power.

And its future seems to hang on whether or not Pennsylvania lawmakers enact policies favorable to the nuclear industry, something officials with Illinois-based Exelon favor, but which have already generated opposition among other players in the energy industry.

A policy idea that Exelon offered up as an idea to consider resembles a policy change that NY implemented in April and one that is scheduled to take effect in Illinois this year.  (AppforPCDaily .com, 6/3/2017)