General Electric 7FA.05 Combustion Turbine Generator

Here is one of the primary competitors to nuclear power plants.

Offers an 11-minute startup to an 80 percent load, as well as turndown to 24 percent of turbine baseload within emissions compliance, and can accommodate a range of fuels.

The 7F.05 achieves 60 percent efficiency providing customers with lower fuel costs and sets a new standard for F-class efficiency.

In simple cycle, the 7F.05 gas turbine is extremely responsive with a start capacity of 241 MW in 11 minutes, 5 ppm NOx and grid stability logic, making it excellent for supporting renewable energy growth.

  • OpFlex advanced model-based control technology generates fast ramp rate of 40 MW per minute product features 
  • Full range of fuel variations (up to 15 percent Wobbe index)
  • Fuel flexibility includes natural gas, distillate oil, lean methane fuels, pure ethane, syngas, light crude oil, Arabian Super Light (ASL) crude oil, and a variety of other fuels
  • 14-stage compressor features 3D aerodynamic airfoils with superfinish for improved efficiency and reduced degradation
  • Field-replaceable blades for improved maintainability
  • Combustor features turndown to 24 percent of gas turbine baseload in simple cycle with autotune capability to accommodate wider fuel variation
  • 100 percent borescope coverage simplifies and fortifies inspections
  • Technical features help to lower starting emissions and fuel costs, while increasing spinning reserve capability and most importantly, revenue
  • Three stages of variable stator vanes enhance hot-day and part-load efficiency

The proposed 1,040 MW AES Alamitos gas-fired plant would use two General Electric 7FA.05 combustion turbine generators with two heat recovery steam generators, one steam turbine generator, an air cooled condenser, and an auxiliary boiler. The GE equipment uses fast-start, flexible technology.

In combined-cycle mode, the plant would operate at 56% efficiency and in simple cycle mode at 41% efficiency

(General Electric Power Generation, Utility DIVE, 2/27/2017))