Shouldn't CPUC Chairman Picker Be Saving San Onofre and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plants?


By Norris McDonald

Shouldn't the chairman of the California Public Service Commission (CPUC) be supporting the reopening of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) and shouldn't he be supporting the continued operation of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCNPP) be his top priorities?  Instead, the CPUC is leading the charge to pay Southern California Edison (SCE) to close SONGS and take a charge to get money for what the electricity they would have generated if they had not closed.

Not only is this contradictory to the efficient delivery of electricity in the marketplace, but it is impractical in achieving the state's clean air clean up goals. 

The CPUC appears to also support the closure of the DCNPP.  We are in Twilight Zone territory in terms of state agencies supporting policies that work against mitigating of smog pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Environmental Protection Agency is one of the hardest-hit agencies in President Trump's preliminary budget. The blueprint slashes the EPA's budget by nearly   

Mike Picker

Mike Picker

The California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Picker responded by standing outside the EPA building in Washington D.C. while wearing a sandwich board that read, "Fight Climate Change. Work for California."

The CPUC should be an advocate for SONGS and the DCNPP because they do not emit smog-forming and global warming gases.  The CPUC should backstop the California State Implementation Plan (SIP) of the federal Clean Air Act by supporting SONGS instead of endorsing a Settlement Agreement that supports the closure of the plant.  (KALW radio San Francisco, 3/16/2017)