Africa Will Go Nuclear, With Russian & Chinese Help

Russia’s state nuclear company, Rosatom, is bidding on the reactors that the government of South Africa plans to order.  Russia’s nuclear industry representatives are also meeting with government leaders in other African nations to start the process of setting them on the path to becoming nuclear nations.

The governments of Zambia and Russia signed four Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation in nuclear science, energy, and technology for the next 15 years. The MOUs include preparation for using nuclear technology and a power plant in the future.  Cooperation will include public education about nuclear energy.

Sudan has entered into discussions with Rosatom to negotiate a nuclear agreement.  A protocol has been signed stating that they are “working on a draft memorandum of understanding for the peaceful use of nuclear energy, that may be signed in 2017.” 

Sudan and China signed a framework agreement to build a 600 MW reactor. Recently, Sudan’s Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation, and Electricity told lawmakers that Sudan will start in 2017 preparing to build a 1200 MW nuclear power plant.

These African initiatives are important political back-up in South Africa’s fight for the expansion of its nuclear program.  (The Sudanese Media Center, 12/10/2016)