Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Sold for $111 Million

Buyer Wants to Finish It

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has sold the unfinished Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant at auction to a private holding company for $111 million.  TVA debated for years over what to do with the plant, with the board finally voting on May 5 to put the entire site up for auction.

The winning bid was submitted by Nuclear Development LLC, an investment group headed by Chattanooga, Tenn.–based developer Franklin L. Haney. 

The two-unit Bellefonte plant sits on approximately 1,600 acres on a peninsula in the Tennessee River near Hollywood, Alabama. TVA began construction in 1974, but it halted the project in 1988. Substantial infrastructure remains on the site including the two partially constructed Babcock & Wilcox reactors, cooling towers, switchyards, office buildings, warehouses, a training center, parking lots, railroad spurs, and a helicopter landing pad. 

Tthe plant might support around 2,000 local jobs once operational.  (POWERMAG, 11/14/2016)