Bike for Nuclear Power

Environmental Hope & Justice (EHJ) wants to keep our valuable nuclear power plants open.  We want to promote this agenda in a creative way by bicycling from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) in California to the Crystal River Plant in Florida in our Bike for Nuclear Power Program (BNP). We want to spread awareness about the clean air benefits of nuclear power plants.  We also want to spread awareness about bicycling as a form of environmentally friendly transportation and healthy living. 

We intend to draw attention to the problems that closing nuclear plants will create.  We will do this by biking across the country with stops at plants that have closed, are targeted for closure and that are currently operating.  These plants include San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Diablo Canyon, Clinton in Illinois, James Fitzpatrick in New York, Indian Point in New York, North Anna in Virginia, McGuire in North Carolina, Catawba in South Carolina, SCANA in South Carolina, Vogtle in Georgia and Crystal River in Florida.  

EHJ was established in 2016 as a public interest organization dedicated to maintaining our commercial power plant fleet.  The EHJ California Office is based in Avalon on Santa Catalina Island and is headed by Scotty Rohlfsen.  Mr. Rohlfsen will conduct the BNP Program.  EHJ California Office Director Rohlfsen is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science Degree Environmental Studies.  He is a small business owner and has extensive experience in the operation of small business enterprises.

We will seek cooperation from each power station to assist in making this program a success.  We will encourage management to assist with publicity and staff to participate by bicycling with us to their city limits and beyond.  We will invite the unions and other nuclear power supporting stakeholders to ride with us.  Ideally, we could create a ‘Forest Gump’ type of following.  The BNP will be conducted by Center California Office Director Scott Rohlfsen.

We will draw attention to the fact that our nation’s nuclear power fleet is an essential asset to our clean air maintenance and global warming mitigation.  We will note that five plants have closed recently, including Vermont Yankee, Crystal River in Florida, Kewaunee in Wisconsin, San Onofre in California and Fort Calhoun in Nebraska.  Future closures have been announced for Diablo Canyon in California and Indian Point in New York.  These closures will result in massive job losses and budget cuts to schools, towns and counties surrounding the plants.

We could lose half of our nuclear fleet over the next ten years.  This would be a travesty for asthmatics who benefit from the emission free nature of nuclear plants.  At a time of deep concern about the threats of global warming and climate change, the closure of nuclear power plants will accelerate atmospheric degradation because hundreds of millions of additional tons of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide emissions will be emitted as fossil fuel-fired replacement power is used for power production.

The BNP will:

1)    Post updates to traditional and social media outlets.

2)    Bicycle from Southern California to Florida.

3)    Recruit others to join the bike voyage.

4)    Package the entire voyage to publicize the plight of nuclear power plants.


The Bike for Nuclear Power Program will provide valuable information and guidance to the general public through media regarding the threat posed by nuclear plant closure.  The BNP Program will publicize the massive job losses due to power plant closures.  The BNP Program will show the damage to communities around nuclear power plants, including the loss of budgets for schools, towns and counties.       

BNP Proposal with Budget